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Summary: Commander Jules Shepard, a talented combat engineer of the Alliance Navy, decides that this time, they would fight the Reapers by their own means. Rule no. 1 of tech school is, “If you didn’t build it or know how to take it apart—don’t use it. Better to use your own than tech that’ll bite you in the ass someday.”
A “What if Shepard didn’t use the Crucible?” fic.

Archive of Our Own link. link.

I won't be doing commentary for this chapter because quite frankly, I am bloody tired. (And sometimes I don't know if people actually read these things.) So if anyone has any burning questions, feel free to message me in some way. ^^ I will try my best to answer.

I will say this much though: I don't own Homestuck, L4D2 and I guess Shaun of the Dead. References are just references, 'kay?

Oh, and for those wondering why you got two messages from’s message system about a new chapter, I ah, had to make grammatical fixes to it. » This is what happens when your beta-readers are busy, and by the time you get a message from one of them that they have read the fic, you’ve already posted the damn thing (after, of course, scouring the document yourself for possibly the 10th time to the point that you’re not actually reading anymore, but letting your headvoice tell you what you think is there). OTL I really need beta beta-readers. Preferably ones who have played all THREE ME games. Blah. /grouchy
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