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Summary: Commander Jules Shepard, a talented combat engineer of the Alliance Navy, decides that this time, they would fight the Reapers by their own means. Rule no. 1 of tech school is, “If you didn’t build it or know how to take it apart—don’t use it. Better to use your own than tech that’ll bite you in the ass someday.”
A “What if Shepard didn’t use the Crucible?” fic.

Archive Of Our Own link here. link here.

1) On the number of Alliance deaths: Shepard mentions that 2400 crew died from 8 cruiser ships. I'm basing my number on that.
2) On Traynor walking in on some Liara/FemShep action: I bet she liked what she saw. ;) (Also, I used the exact same dialogue! Heh. I'm a lazy child.)
3) "It has to be me..." Sounds familiar? I'm a Mordin fan, and so is this Shep. :3 (In my defense, I think he said this before in ME2 before saying it again in 3.)
4) "Are you implying that I am boring, Shepard?"
To which my friend adds, "No I'm implying that your lap is better than any pillow in Citadel Space." Oh, Sean.
5) Why does James call Liara 'Blue'? Because Shepard has a doctorate. P: (So it'd be confusing if he calls both of them 'Doc'.) Also, think of the James/Jack scene when they discover that they both call Liara 'Blue'! I secretly ship James/Esteban though. :|
6) Follow up question: Why doesn't James call Liara 'Blue' in Spanish? (Because it sounds too close to Azure. xD) Methinks, I shall write an omake about that too!)
7) On Traynor: I really don't like her as a character. :| Her embarrassment amuses me.
8) On military rank: I know Wikipedia isn't the best source out there, but it tells me that Major isn't a Navy rank. :| Thus the conversation between Kirrahe and Shepard.
9) On Corinthus's description: Damn did I stare at that turian for so long just to think of something to describe. :|
10) "...she's as turian as the rest of us." Because I couldn't have Corinthus say, "...she's as human as the rest of us." Their translation devices are imperfect. LOL.
11) Every time I read this line, "Since the husks were incapable of gunfire, James and Liara positioned themselves around the comm. tower, each facing another direction so as to ensure that none of the fleet-footed husks could sneak up behind them and overwhelm them." I think of the LITERAL video on youtube and end up singing, "Shoulder massage of deaaaath."
12) Reaper shitstorm is my new favourite phrase for those damn husks. :3 Good job, Mr. Vega. Also, Team Shepard? ;D
13) Uncle Scar? Why not Scars? Because Lion King. P:
14) The omake was supposed to be written Noir-style, but I have no idea how to do that. Enjoy it anyway?
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