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 My Kim Possible craze is going strong! Although I have just finished watching the four seasons of Kim Possible, I am still doggedly determined to write a fanfic or several in this fandom. Yay! That said, I have not yet released any fanfic online because I am not sure which one I should focus on. As of right now, I have Operation KiGo (which is very likely to be released), Alter-Kim, and My Name Is all in various stages of completion. Furthermore, I have several other ideas that I want to explore as well that have yet to be tried out. :/ 

So, in short, the Kim fics will come out in due time. I just need to write as much as I can and find out which one I really want to work with the most. x)

Also, I have taken it upon myself to write reviews on different Kim Possible fanfics. Since I was introduced to the fandom by Sobriety, one of the best KP fanfic writers out there, I was so disappointed to find that Sobriety hasn't been mentioned in TV Tropes. :/ Also, some of the fanfics that I have read from the TV Tropes rec list weren't really my cup of tea. Thus, I decided that I would just talk about them--the good and the bad. This is all subject to my opinion of course, so others are welcome to disagree. They are even more welcome to recommend me new fics. *nudgenudgewinkwink*

That said, I will be posting the Review List in a separate entry and link all of my reviews there later. x) It will be my personal list as well, in case I want to reread my favourites. ;D

(Yes, yes, this is what my life is right now. So it would be redundant of me to write about my life. xP)
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I started Operation KiGo (called the Love Doctor back then) as a sillyfic response to all of the wonderful KiGo fanfics that I've read thus far. It was meant to be a page long fic (or two) that I was just going to write for a while so that I can let some steam out and move on. It wasn't even supposed to be post-worthy.

I moved on. 

Several months later, I was drawn back in by Sobriety's Acting Out, which wasn't even a KiGo fic, but which enticed me back into the fandom nonetheless. I ended up watching the series, and now I want to write Kim Possible fanfics very much. 

Operation KiGo and Alter-Kim (working title) are two fanfics that I am working on right now. Since most of the KiGo stories that I have read show Dr. Drakken in a bad light and often push Ron to the side as a minor character, I wanted to write my own fanfic where these characters have a bigger role to play. Dr. Drakken gets his redemption, and Ron isn't just that guy who broke up with Kim. I will also be dealing with more serious villains, and the grey areas will be more prominent. I won't make it too serious though, as I am a lighthearted writer, and like lighthearted storylines. I do love angst though and I hope that I will have a chance to play with that in my fanfics. (Contradiction is my middle name. :D)

Anyway, here's to hoping that I stick to this project for quite some time! @__@

And here's to hoping that I don't die from my classes this new semester. :/
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If I didn't have the attention span of a mayfly's lifespan, perhaps I would have been justified in wasting my days away writing original fiction. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked in my writing plans and ended up doing a Kim Possible marathon. Now, this shouldn't take more than a few days, but considering my short attention span (previously established as being very short indeed), I can't even watch properly as I get distracted every episode. I'm serious. :|

That said, Kim Possible is my guilty pleasure right now--the rainbow-coloured unicorn in my closet. 

It doesn't help that I adore Drakken so much. Or that I ship Drakken/Ron. (Well, I like KiGo just as much. But I mean, come on. That comes with the territory. It's an unspoken truth. No need to reaffirm it.)

Oh, and did I mention that Shego is damn hot? I melt every time she goes on screen. :'D Her voice is just utterly heavenly.~ (I have a weakness for sultry voices. /sighs And competent women. /doublesighs)

That said, here's to hoping that this particular obsession of mine won't ebb until after I've finished writing this silly KiGo ficlet! (Although I might write a Drakken-centric story too. We'll see. It depends on how long I can ride this wave.)
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Like a flickering lamplight, I am drawn to this site once more. I fear that I do not give enough justice to DW. I have had such a strange last couple of months. In between struggling to get papers in on time, writing erratically, forcing the cogs inside my head to turn faster so that I might produce more pleasant shit for people to read (My friend claims my kind of shit is golden. Make of it what you will), and juggling social events in my free time, I have forgotten to write here. I suppose it is because I feel that I lack an audience. The increasing popularity of sites such as tumblr and facebook has made this kind of journaling a strange, perhaps even outdated form of keeping your friends up to date with the goings on of your life. The kind of crowd that now attracts a website like this is a reading crowd that wishes to devour the works of others, chew these things thoughtfully in their mouths as they prepare their constructive criticism.

Still, I will try to maintain this at the very least. It is more than I can promise when compared to my decaying FFnet account where I have not really posted anything new in the last few months.   

Surprisingly, I have a clear conscience when it comes to fanfiction. I wonder if it is because I have such a removed perspective from my fanfics now. Oh, I still enjoy writing them from time to time, but they are not as appealing to me as they used to be. "I grew up and out of it," would be far too easy an answer to say. More like, "There are too many things that interest me at the moment."  

A funny thing about my obsessions is that they are like flames. They burn strongly but die quickly. Thus, I unfortunately have a very short attention span as a result. This is just another one of my strange mood swings.

I read Lestaki's Windows of the Soul for a while. It is a beautiful fanfic, one that I will always go back to whenever I can. In my very biased opinion, it is one of the best love stories I have ever read because of the writer's style. He loves to describe and he loves to analyze a person's feelings, thoughts, ulterior motives, ambiguities--tries to capture the elusive in his writing. Whenever the two main characters ponder, especially about the other, they build such a beautiful profile that every chapter feels almost like an unsent love letter, detailing the other's best and worst qualities, reaffirming and reinventing how they feel about each other.

I like it very much. I wish I could somehow write like that. Not that I want to copy his style. Rather, I want to try and capture human thought and human expression through figurative language. Lestaki just does a good job of that.

Busy Days

Oct. 10th, 2011 01:52 pm
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A month has already passed and writing here has already been shifted down the list of things that I wish to do during my free time. Happily, I at least was able to write lots these last few weeks, particularly in a collaboration story that I am writing with a friend (Google Docs is godsend :'D) as well as in many different RP threads created by my friends. :3 Of course, my writing is a bare trickle compared to other writers, but I am happy nonetheless. Progress should be celebrated. Not criticized.

That said, I doubt I will be able to write anything coherent here for a while. Busy days are ahead, and I don't know how much time I have that is still solely mine. At least I am able to use my sister's old laptop now, so hopefully, having that with me at school will inspire me to write more than I normally would. :D

Cheers, and a happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada and a happy Columbus Day to everyone in US of A. :'D

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