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Chapter 2 is almost at 4000 words. I plan to write at least 2000 more, depending on how cooperative the characters will be. It's been slow-going mostly because of two things: a) university shit (because I have a trimester system, and this semester is almost over, ergo, things happen) and b) quality-checking. It is actually to the point that I think I am more fussy about my writing than my beta-readers. :| I just have a certain standard when it comes to writing fanfic, and I try to meet that standard whenever I can.

So expect Chapter 2 sometime this week or early next week.

If anyone is reading this (which would surprise me, if people did), I am actually looking for a beta-reader. Mostly because I feel bad for bothering my friends, and mostly because both of them have an incomplete knowledge of the MEverse. One of them has only played through most of the first game (because he is a very busy guy), and the second one has only played ME2 and ME3. So for anyone who is interested, drop a comment here, message me on my account, or email me, because I think my profile shows my email. :| In any case, I don't bite, and I enjoy having Mass Effect conversations with people! :3 Just know that Liara/Fem!Shep is my OTP, and I get twitchy when other people talk about other pairings. I am open-minded to other pairings, I just cannot read them, unless neither Liara nor Fem!Shep is involved. If you are a burning Thane fan, we can talk about Thane, sure. Garrus? Garrus is damn kickass! Mordin? I would go straight for Mordin, damnit! But, just don't pair them with Fem!Shep (or Liara) while I am around. :| I am a simple-minded person. My heart has only room for one OTP.

I just have two things to say for those who might want to be a beta-reader: a) I prefer having a very informal relationship with them, so if you're one of those types who just goes through a grammar check and is very stiff and set in their standards of grammar, I appreciate your professionalism, but I have writing classes in university, and I do not want to further traumatize myself. b) I am more concerned about things like the flow of a story, whether or not people talk too much (as I admittedly, have a weak spot for off-tangent banter), and if a scene does not give away enough information to the readers, and so on. I am not asking for a close reading. I just want to know if there is anything that needs clarifying or if any scene feels weak and needs to be strengthened. Heck, if you don't know what to talk about, I'll give you a list of questions. I'm very open to conversation. ^^ (See pairing restrictions above :P)

With those things out of the way, I think I will collapse in my bed now. <3 Today was tiring. And stressful. And I just feel dead.
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Like a flickering lamplight, I am drawn to this site once more. I fear that I do not give enough justice to DW. I have had such a strange last couple of months. In between struggling to get papers in on time, writing erratically, forcing the cogs inside my head to turn faster so that I might produce more pleasant shit for people to read (My friend claims my kind of shit is golden. Make of it what you will), and juggling social events in my free time, I have forgotten to write here. I suppose it is because I feel that I lack an audience. The increasing popularity of sites such as tumblr and facebook has made this kind of journaling a strange, perhaps even outdated form of keeping your friends up to date with the goings on of your life. The kind of crowd that now attracts a website like this is a reading crowd that wishes to devour the works of others, chew these things thoughtfully in their mouths as they prepare their constructive criticism.

Still, I will try to maintain this at the very least. It is more than I can promise when compared to my decaying FFnet account where I have not really posted anything new in the last few months.   

Surprisingly, I have a clear conscience when it comes to fanfiction. I wonder if it is because I have such a removed perspective from my fanfics now. Oh, I still enjoy writing them from time to time, but they are not as appealing to me as they used to be. "I grew up and out of it," would be far too easy an answer to say. More like, "There are too many things that interest me at the moment."  

A funny thing about my obsessions is that they are like flames. They burn strongly but die quickly. Thus, I unfortunately have a very short attention span as a result. This is just another one of my strange mood swings.

I read Lestaki's Windows of the Soul for a while. It is a beautiful fanfic, one that I will always go back to whenever I can. In my very biased opinion, it is one of the best love stories I have ever read because of the writer's style. He loves to describe and he loves to analyze a person's feelings, thoughts, ulterior motives, ambiguities--tries to capture the elusive in his writing. Whenever the two main characters ponder, especially about the other, they build such a beautiful profile that every chapter feels almost like an unsent love letter, detailing the other's best and worst qualities, reaffirming and reinventing how they feel about each other.

I like it very much. I wish I could somehow write like that. Not that I want to copy his style. Rather, I want to try and capture human thought and human expression through figurative language. Lestaki just does a good job of that.
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After playing Christina Love's don't take it personally, babe it just ain't your story and Digital Story, I want to make one. I imagine doing it like it was a prezi, but with multiple options. :3 I just wish I could draw well. And had the time for it. ): I love learning in University. I just hate doing homework. >> It's never the kind of homework that I'd rather do you know? Maybe if all of our assignments somehow required creativity, I'd be more into it. But they're not. ):

Oh well. Here's to another dull week, with the only spotlights of my life being the collaboration that I am writing with my friend. >>

Busy Days

Oct. 10th, 2011 01:52 pm
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A month has already passed and writing here has already been shifted down the list of things that I wish to do during my free time. Happily, I at least was able to write lots these last few weeks, particularly in a collaboration story that I am writing with a friend (Google Docs is godsend :'D) as well as in many different RP threads created by my friends. :3 Of course, my writing is a bare trickle compared to other writers, but I am happy nonetheless. Progress should be celebrated. Not criticized.

That said, I doubt I will be able to write anything coherent here for a while. Busy days are ahead, and I don't know how much time I have that is still solely mine. At least I am able to use my sister's old laptop now, so hopefully, having that with me at school will inspire me to write more than I normally would. :D

Cheers, and a happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada and a happy Columbus Day to everyone in US of A. :'D
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I love watching plays. There's something interactive about it that one cannot quite experience from a movie. I especially love how it can make one feel, and the energy that radiates from the performers.

I have not watched other versions of Richard III but I must say that the Richard in this play was quite exquisite. He truly embodies the predator in his spider-like appearance, and in his mannerisms. His actions are just explosive when he is mad, and downright creepy when he is charming and silver-tongued. The battle at the end between him and the future King Henry the VII reminded me of a mythological struggle between man and supernatural beast. 

The anachronistic elements were strange to me, but otherwise, it was a fine play. :') I am so thankful to my English teacher who invited me to watch this brilliant production. D:~ I am seriously going to miss her.


I've included a trailer from the play I watched. :3

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It is a pyramid of books, stacked in my mind's eye, a to-read list that is constantly shifting in priority as the days pass by.  I think I need to schedule "blackouts" where I will not go near the computer and do anything I consider fun just to get these readings done. @_@ Guh. This is why I haven't been posting lately. ): Too much responsibilities.

Also, I ended up reading comics all of Saturday and wanting to write a story as a result of reading said comics. >> We'll see how that goes.
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A cup of cold coffee in one hand and a planner in the other--this is how I start my Monday morning. Without a solid plan for the week, I just might go insane. (Although admittedly, I started my Monday morning reading from one of my textbooks, spewing a string of curses under my breath as I struggle to cover said textbook, and finally penning the title with a calligraphy pen so as to prolong the inevitable reading that I must continue to do. But all of this does not count as I am sure further Monday mornings will not follow such a ritual. Except perhaps the bit about reading.)

I do not like my erratic schedule. As a recent high school graduate (though, I suppose, graduation does not occur until the 23rd), I am used to a compact schedule where most of my morning and a bit of my afternoon is spent at school. I can wake up at 6:30 A.M. reassured that this is how every day would be like. Alas, that reassurance is now gone, replaced with a messy schedule that must have been planned by a drunken monkey that simply pointed at random blocks of the day and proclaimed that I must take my classes during those periods of time. Oh how I hate thee, silly monkey. 

And now, my 15 minutes is up, as my schedule proclaims (although it felt more like 30), and I must go back to my readings.

Until then, I will yearn for the freedom to write ramblings such as this while studying for my class.

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