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Summary: Commander Jules Shepard, a talented combat engineer of the Alliance Navy, decides that this time, they would fight the Reapers by their own means. Rule no. 1 of tech school is, “If you didn’t build it or know how to take it apart—don’t use it. Better to use your own than tech that’ll bite you in the ass someday.”
A “What if Shepard didn’t use the Crucible?” fic.

Archive of Our Own link. link.

I won't be doing commentary for this chapter because quite frankly, I am bloody tired. (And sometimes I don't know if people actually read these things.) So if anyone has any burning questions, feel free to message me in some way. ^^ I will try my best to answer.

I will say this much though: I don't own Homestuck, L4D2 and I guess Shaun of the Dead. References are just references, 'kay?

Oh, and for those wondering why you got two messages from’s message system about a new chapter, I ah, had to make grammatical fixes to it. » This is what happens when your beta-readers are busy, and by the time you get a message from one of them that they have read the fic, you’ve already posted the damn thing (after, of course, scouring the document yourself for possibly the 10th time to the point that you’re not actually reading anymore, but letting your headvoice tell you what you think is there). OTL I really need beta beta-readers. Preferably ones who have played all THREE ME games. Blah. /grouchy
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Summary: Commander Jules Shepard, a talented combat engineer of the Alliance Navy, decides that this time, they would fight the Reapers by their own means. Rule no. 1 of tech school is, “If you didn’t build it or know how to take it apart—don’t use it. Better to use your own than tech that’ll bite you in the ass someday.”
A “What if Shepard didn’t use the Crucible?” fic.

Archive Of Our Own link here. link here.

Chapter Two - Commentary )
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 I am at 7, 862 words and counting. Damn. Did I mention that I wasn't going to write 8k chapters ever again?

...Damn. Editing this is going to be such a bitch.

Also, I told myself I would write an omake for this chapter. @___@

This update will be out this week! I promise! Let me just get through my double exam tomorrow! (And one more on Monday!)

In other news, has anyone ever heard of Berserker by Fred Saberhagen? Because there are some damn interesting parallels in his book... ^^

(Nobody prolly reads this, but I like being able to whine about how tiring writing can get. :P)
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Chapter 2 is almost at 4000 words. I plan to write at least 2000 more, depending on how cooperative the characters will be. It's been slow-going mostly because of two things: a) university shit (because I have a trimester system, and this semester is almost over, ergo, things happen) and b) quality-checking. It is actually to the point that I think I am more fussy about my writing than my beta-readers. :| I just have a certain standard when it comes to writing fanfic, and I try to meet that standard whenever I can.

So expect Chapter 2 sometime this week or early next week.

If anyone is reading this (which would surprise me, if people did), I am actually looking for a beta-reader. Mostly because I feel bad for bothering my friends, and mostly because both of them have an incomplete knowledge of the MEverse. One of them has only played through most of the first game (because he is a very busy guy), and the second one has only played ME2 and ME3. So for anyone who is interested, drop a comment here, message me on my account, or email me, because I think my profile shows my email. :| In any case, I don't bite, and I enjoy having Mass Effect conversations with people! :3 Just know that Liara/Fem!Shep is my OTP, and I get twitchy when other people talk about other pairings. I am open-minded to other pairings, I just cannot read them, unless neither Liara nor Fem!Shep is involved. If you are a burning Thane fan, we can talk about Thane, sure. Garrus? Garrus is damn kickass! Mordin? I would go straight for Mordin, damnit! But, just don't pair them with Fem!Shep (or Liara) while I am around. :| I am a simple-minded person. My heart has only room for one OTP.

I just have two things to say for those who might want to be a beta-reader: a) I prefer having a very informal relationship with them, so if you're one of those types who just goes through a grammar check and is very stiff and set in their standards of grammar, I appreciate your professionalism, but I have writing classes in university, and I do not want to further traumatize myself. b) I am more concerned about things like the flow of a story, whether or not people talk too much (as I admittedly, have a weak spot for off-tangent banter), and if a scene does not give away enough information to the readers, and so on. I am not asking for a close reading. I just want to know if there is anything that needs clarifying or if any scene feels weak and needs to be strengthened. Heck, if you don't know what to talk about, I'll give you a list of questions. I'm very open to conversation. ^^ (See pairing restrictions above :P)

With those things out of the way, I think I will collapse in my bed now. <3 Today was tiring. And stressful. And I just feel dead.
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1) The need to use the service known to mankind as Origin, the dreaded Steam-wannabe that fails at just about everything.
2) The counter-intuitiveness of said service. Not only have I been forced to download Mass Effect 2 more than once (I am on my third try), but I have also been forced to uninstall stupid Origin--but not so I can get rid of it--just so I can re-download the damnable installer again.
3) Did I mention, Origin, that Steam has never given me any fucking download problems? Tell me right now why I shouldn't bloody well pirate this game when I own it on my console and on the PC, hmm?
4) The fact that I need to play Multiplayer mode in Mass Effect 3 just so I can get the maximum War Readiness crapola. I would really rather not game with strangers. Kthx.
5) The Mass Effect 3 ending. Not so much because the ending was sad and Shepard could possibly die, etc, etc. The reason why I am angry about the ending is because I am following some really good Mass Effect fanfic writers out there, and some of them feel discouraged to write more now that the ending has reared its ugly head for all to see. Thanks for ruining it for them.
Honourable mention: The default choices that you get when you play without an ME2 import. Just be glad my friend is forgiving despite the fact that she has gone through the trauma of seeing Eve die because default settings say, "You did not let Mordin keep Genophage cure files" or when both the geth and the quarian attacked each other despite her choice to let both live because a) Legion isn't there, and b) apparently, the quarians will attack the geth anyway. Thanks a lot. Apparently, being a Paragon isn't really a good thing if you don't have the history to back it up.

/end rant

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Two months ago, all I could think about was the piles of Kim Possible fanfic I had to read and the plot bunnies that lingered in my head. Two months ago, I hadn't even known what Mass Effect was really about, only that I heard that it was good and that I should try it sometime.

So I did.

Which is why I haven't been around these last few weeks. I've been too busy lately, playing the franchise and adoring the different fanfics that it had to offer.

And then I watched the ending of Mass Effect 3, frustrated tears sliding down my cheeks, anger swelling in my chest... Suffice to say, I slept very little that night. And the next...

So I've decided to write fanfic to ease the pain. I have several plot bunnies that I would like to explore. So far, I've finished Atlas, a Post Priority: Thessia fic dealing with Shepard's feelings about Cerberus and Thessia. I also plan on working on an alternate ending one-shot, a multi-chaptered story where Shepard chooses not to use the Crucible, and possibly even an AU where Shepard, an Alliance military officer, pursues the enigmatic archaeologist, Liara, while on shore leave, and the entire Reaper invasion just never happened. I'm sure there are plenty more stories I'd like to write, but these are the ones at the forefront of my mind right now.

Hopefully, I manage to work on these stories despite the upcoming end of the semester, with its promise of painful essays and programming projects and sinister exams looming in the horizon.

But hey, I've never let that deterred me before. :3 //school work is totally gonna suffer (LOL)

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