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The Kim Possible Master List of Fics to Review

As I have mentioned before, I am going to write a review on a number of Kim Possible fanfics that I have read. These are all my opinions, so you are in no way obligated to agree with them. This list is also subject to revision, so feel free to recommend other Kim Possible fanfics. As I am a KiGo shipper, I will mostly focus on reviewing KiGo fanfic. Unless I mention the main pairing in the fic, please assume that the main pairing is KiGo. ^^ I might also read gen, het, yaoi and yuri fanfics, although I must admit, I have a strange aversion to Kim/Ron or Shego/Drakken ships. I just cannot read them. I do like Drakken and Ron as characters, and it's really too bad that they get marginalized in some KiGo fanfics, but I just cannot read them with Kim and Shego. :/

The List... )
This list will grow once I have read more fics on my separate to-read list. x)
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 My Kim Possible craze is going strong! Although I have just finished watching the four seasons of Kim Possible, I am still doggedly determined to write a fanfic or several in this fandom. Yay! That said, I have not yet released any fanfic online because I am not sure which one I should focus on. As of right now, I have Operation KiGo (which is very likely to be released), Alter-Kim, and My Name Is all in various stages of completion. Furthermore, I have several other ideas that I want to explore as well that have yet to be tried out. :/ 

So, in short, the Kim fics will come out in due time. I just need to write as much as I can and find out which one I really want to work with the most. x)

Also, I have taken it upon myself to write reviews on different Kim Possible fanfics. Since I was introduced to the fandom by Sobriety, one of the best KP fanfic writers out there, I was so disappointed to find that Sobriety hasn't been mentioned in TV Tropes. :/ Also, some of the fanfics that I have read from the TV Tropes rec list weren't really my cup of tea. Thus, I decided that I would just talk about them--the good and the bad. This is all subject to my opinion of course, so others are welcome to disagree. They are even more welcome to recommend me new fics. *nudgenudgewinkwink*

That said, I will be posting the Review List in a separate entry and link all of my reviews there later. x) It will be my personal list as well, in case I want to reread my favourites. ;D

(Yes, yes, this is what my life is right now. So it would be redundant of me to write about my life. xP)

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