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A cup of cold coffee in one hand and a planner in the other--this is how I start my Monday morning. Without a solid plan for the week, I just might go insane. (Although admittedly, I started my Monday morning reading from one of my textbooks, spewing a string of curses under my breath as I struggle to cover said textbook, and finally penning the title with a calligraphy pen so as to prolong the inevitable reading that I must continue to do. But all of this does not count as I am sure further Monday mornings will not follow such a ritual. Except perhaps the bit about reading.)

I do not like my erratic schedule. As a recent high school graduate (though, I suppose, graduation does not occur until the 23rd), I am used to a compact schedule where most of my morning and a bit of my afternoon is spent at school. I can wake up at 6:30 A.M. reassured that this is how every day would be like. Alas, that reassurance is now gone, replaced with a messy schedule that must have been planned by a drunken monkey that simply pointed at random blocks of the day and proclaimed that I must take my classes during those periods of time. Oh how I hate thee, silly monkey. 

And now, my 15 minutes is up, as my schedule proclaims (although it felt more like 30), and I must go back to my readings.

Until then, I will yearn for the freedom to write ramblings such as this while studying for my class.
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I took one look at this site and, like an infatuated school girl, fell in love with it almost immediately. It helps that it is familiar in its LJesque format. Better yet, it does not have those awful, pesky ads that make going to livejournal a bit of a chore.

I tried creating a blogspot in the hopes of having a dumpster of ideas where I could store these half-formed, barely coherent plotlines and hope that some bum starved for a plotbunny might go through my disorderly blog and find a meal-and-a-half amongst my rubbish. Heh. But honestly, I just needed a place to dump my ideas and clean my conscience of guilt at the thought of never letting these ideas see the light of day in some form or another.

Having said that, I will be moving my ideas here, where I feel more comfortable posting my various lunacies in whatever form I feel like posting them in. So if you happen to see a string of letters mashed together to make a badly imitated copy of one of Picasso's works in the future, just ignore it. That's probably just me channeling an internet virus at 3 A.M. in the morning when I should be writing a paper for school or writing a long overdue next chapter to one of my various written works.

I will be imposing to myself some kind of pattern in the future once my writing cogs have been cleaned and my university jitters have been quelled. Perhaps a M-W-F update with themes on each day, or sommat. I have yet to decide.

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