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I hate it when people are so caught up with what they perceive is a huge problem that they don't realize other, possibly bigger problems are trying to get their attention. I hate it even more when it happens to me and I feel so stupid afterwards that I just want to bang my head against the counter. (Coz we all know that banging one's head against the counter makes one smarter. //sarcasm)

Not that something like that happened to me this morning. Today was a good day, actually. I had fun learning. I met an old friend whom I haven't seen in two years. I even made a new friend who's just practically oozing with awesomeness. :3 'Twas a cool day.

No, I'm talking about one of the shows that I am following. //sighs

I have this love-hate relationship with Lost Girl. Mostly, I love the good doctor in the show because she is brilliantly funny and adorkable. I love the witty sidekick who makes me laugh quite a bit. Heck, I might even feel some endearment over the world of Lost Girl. However, if I have one complaint, it is the main. She is just so frustrating at times. Why are you making sad eyes at the fact that your wolfboy no longer holds a flame to you? Shouldn't you be more worried about the fact that there's been a political shift in power for the Light Fae? I mean, the previous Ash was pretty damn tolerant of you. Do you think the new one will be just as tolerant? Not to mention the fact that the good doctor who holds a flame for you, in turn, will have new problems facing her because her master has been replaced. What do you feel about that, huh? Ugh. 

Maybe I'm just a bit prejudiced because I think the doctor is awesome, but seriously, mango. It just irks me how narrow-sighted and short-term oriented the main is, sometimes. >> Then again, maybe it's because she's still a child by Fae standards. =_= Or, because she is a succubus, all she cares about is falling in love. Maybe it's a rarity in their race to fall in love, so she's trying to cling to those feelings even though wolfboy's obviously no longer into her.

Oh well. The sidekick's explanation of the Tim effect hit home a little. ): Maybe I'm just taking out my sudden frustrations at the main.

Also, there's no new episode this week. :'(

//end rant
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