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Chapter 2 is almost at 4000 words. I plan to write at least 2000 more, depending on how cooperative the characters will be. It's been slow-going mostly because of two things: a) university shit (because I have a trimester system, and this semester is almost over, ergo, things happen) and b) quality-checking. It is actually to the point that I think I am more fussy about my writing than my beta-readers. :| I just have a certain standard when it comes to writing fanfic, and I try to meet that standard whenever I can.

So expect Chapter 2 sometime this week or early next week.

If anyone is reading this (which would surprise me, if people did), I am actually looking for a beta-reader. Mostly because I feel bad for bothering my friends, and mostly because both of them have an incomplete knowledge of the MEverse. One of them has only played through most of the first game (because he is a very busy guy), and the second one has only played ME2 and ME3. So for anyone who is interested, drop a comment here, message me on my account, or email me, because I think my profile shows my email. :| In any case, I don't bite, and I enjoy having Mass Effect conversations with people! :3 Just know that Liara/Fem!Shep is my OTP, and I get twitchy when other people talk about other pairings. I am open-minded to other pairings, I just cannot read them, unless neither Liara nor Fem!Shep is involved. If you are a burning Thane fan, we can talk about Thane, sure. Garrus? Garrus is damn kickass! Mordin? I would go straight for Mordin, damnit! But, just don't pair them with Fem!Shep (or Liara) while I am around. :| I am a simple-minded person. My heart has only room for one OTP.

I just have two things to say for those who might want to be a beta-reader: a) I prefer having a very informal relationship with them, so if you're one of those types who just goes through a grammar check and is very stiff and set in their standards of grammar, I appreciate your professionalism, but I have writing classes in university, and I do not want to further traumatize myself. b) I am more concerned about things like the flow of a story, whether or not people talk too much (as I admittedly, have a weak spot for off-tangent banter), and if a scene does not give away enough information to the readers, and so on. I am not asking for a close reading. I just want to know if there is anything that needs clarifying or if any scene feels weak and needs to be strengthened. Heck, if you don't know what to talk about, I'll give you a list of questions. I'm very open to conversation. ^^ (See pairing restrictions above :P)

With those things out of the way, I think I will collapse in my bed now. <3 Today was tiring. And stressful. And I just feel dead.

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