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 I have opened a can of gummy worms and damn are they tasty.

This morning, I decided to try a new fanfic and dived into LJ58's "Kim Possible: Devil's Child". Suffice to say, it was quite the ride.

I was a bit hesitant at first, when I initially gazed at this fanfic. It didn't label itself as KiGo, which meant that this would be a Kim/Shego friendship fic at best. And to be honest, this first instalment is a Kim/Shego friendship fic. Oh, Shego's in love with our beloved redheaded heroine, but that isn't really resolved. But one shouldn't be disappointed by this revelation. It has a sequel--which I have yet to read--but which will hopefully bring us the much needed resolution that we crave from KP:DC.

So let's set aside the KiGo for a while and look at the story as a whole.

It's a wonderful, action-packed, intelligently thought out fic with cutesy parts in between that had me grinning from ear to ear in the bus on my way to university this morning. It's funny, and it's very satisfactory. The pacing is great and the characters are pretty awesome for the most part. Although it's only ten chapters long, there's a lot going on in each chapter so it really feels fleshed out. It didn't feel rushed to me at all. One small negative to the fic (and I don't know if this is unique to my Kindle reading experience) is the fact that the breaks were missing. My guess would be that it is one of those stupid bugs that we get from However, it doesn't at all detract from the story. What can I say? It's just that good.

Character-wise: Everyone on Team Possible's side is super-competent and kickass. Kim is an even bigger genius than we give her credit for. Jim and Tim (whom I was getting attached to in-series) have their moments, as does James Possible. Shego has that nice blend of mother and snarky badass. Ron is actually cool and much respected, which was a bonus, considering some KiGo writers usually just push him out of the picture.

The OCs are also pretty good, although only Shego's child gets a lot of screen time. Despite that, I didn't have any problems liking the characters at all, and I do hope to see them again in the sequel. :) Especially Janus. x)

The bad guys weren't that loathe-worthy. Sure they had their "blaargh!" moments, but I wasn't too pissed off at them. Most of them behaved within the expected parameters of people who are opportunistic or are too by-the-book to see the grey areas. Which means that they weren't mean just so that we can have an antagonist. Does that make sense? /shrugs

Another thing I like to give props for is a fic that knows its terminology. Honestly, I don't know enough about the military or spycraft to know whether or not the writing is legitimate when it comes to the terminology they use on missions and tech stuff, but it sounds damn real to me. I think a writer who is capable of bullshitting that well, or researching that well, deserves a round of applause. Plus, it's nice to pick up some of that terminology as well, like "going camo" or sommat. x)

There's just so much to love about this fic! Shego's interactions with her daughter just make me d'aww. Team Possible being generally badass makes me swoon. The plotline itself was very well laid out. I just adore this fic! The fact that it ties back to the Lorwardian invasion pretty well is also awesome. (But that just might be me, because I only recently finished watching the series.)

I think the only real bummer is that Dr. Drakken is still a bad guy. Ah! But not everyone is a Dr. D fan like me. :P

Verdict: This is an under-reviewed fanfic at FF.Net. Please, go and read it. It deserves much love. I would definitely put it in my favourites list. x)
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