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 I think if I see a picture of Kim or Shego cosplaying Resident Evil characters I would just die. /sighs longingly

Damnit! Now I want to write a Kim Possible/RE crossover. I can just see Jill or Claire getting awfully clingy with Shego and Kim looking ready to shoot someone. :'D I mean, uh, what? Seriously though, I think I can fabricate a story where Team Possible + Team Badass (Shego and Drakken) will work together to aid the STARS team. x3 It can even be gen! I don't mind! As long as flirting is allowed. I like flirting with people. :3 Also, I like shooting zombies. There's just something therapeutic about heads exploding in the TV screen. Srs.

Yes, I got this from looking for RE icons and reading KP fanfic. P: But it's really doable! And it doesn't have to be silly! Well, perhaps a bit.

Wow, I think I might actually write this. o__O Huh.

OMG, new Tomb Raider is pretty.~ 

Ah-hem. Moving on, I actually opened this DW to write about a fanfic I'm currently reading. It's called Another Time, Another Place by StarvingLunatic. It's a really good fic. One thing I've discovered with StarvingLunatic's works is that, they're very nice to read, but you should only read one fanfic at a time. By this I mean, don't marathon his/her fics because you will get sick and tired of them easily. I know this for a fact because Kim and Shego remain pretty much the same despite the different settings/plotlines the author uses. There's consistency there, which is awesome, but it also means that you can get tired of reading his/her works really quickly after a while. I haven't even finished some of StarvingLunatic's works yet (Walking the Line series, Honour Bound) because it just gets tiring after a while.

That said, I still like reading all of StarvingLunatic's works. This one in particular is nice, although I can't help but look at it from a psychological perspective. P: (A tangent I'd rather not go into.) But I do like the ah, the plot. I won't spoil things for you, but upon further reflection, it does have a similar flavour to her other works. Shego always ends up being the more competent adult while Kim ends up as the somewhat ditzy genius. /shrugs Not that I mind. It totally works. And I really do like StarvingLunatic's style of writing. 

Perhaps I will write a proper review later. I did promise my friend that I would write him a Rec List. ;) 

And to end this on a happy note, I shall leave this entry with a really nice Ghost Trick link. <3 Kudos to thatpokemonkid for giving me the link. :'D You rock, my dear.
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